India to host ICC Women’s World Cup 2025

India to host 2025 Women’s ODI World Cup 

The International Cricket Council( ICC) on Tuesday eventually unveiled the host countries for the coming major ICC events in the women’s order, with India to host the marquee 50- over 2025 World Cup. 

The coming ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup in 2025 will be hosted by India and Sri Lanka will host the ICC Women’s T20 titleholders jewel in 2027 subject to them qualifying for the event. 


Bangladesh will be hosting the Women’s T20 World Cup for the alternate time around. 

The hosts were named via a competitive bidding process overseen by a Boardsub-committee chaired by Martin Snedden along with Clare Connor, Sourav Ganguly and Ricky Skerritt. The ICC Board accepted the recommendations of the commission who conducted a thorough review of each shot along with ICC operation. 


Women’s T20I justice is making its debut at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham this time, with the top eight brigades contending for the gold order. 

” We are grateful to have been awarded ICC women’s white ball events to Bangladesh, India, England and Sri Lanka. Accelerating the growth of the women’s game is one of the ICC’s strategic precedences and taking these events to some of our sport’s biggest requests give us a fantastic occasion to do that and consolidate its connection with justice’s one billion plus suckers,” ICC quoted Greg Barclay, ICC president as saying. 


” We were keen on hosting the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2025 and we are  glad we’ve won the hosting rights for this marquee clash on the women’s timetable. India hosted the 50- over women’s World Cup in 2013 and the sport has experienced tremendous metamorphosis since also,” Sourav Ganguly, President, BCCI said. 

” The fashionability of women’s honestly is fleetly rising, and this is a step in the right direction. The BCCI’ll work nearly with the ICC and fulfil all the conditions,” he added. 


” We are pleased to host the 2025 ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup and let me tell you that BCCI’ll leave no gravestone unturned to make it a memorable event for everyone concerned. We’re taking several way to raise the profile of the sport right from the grassroots position and hosting the World Cup will further boost the fashionability of the sport in the country,” Jay Shah, Secretary, BCCI said. 

” The BCCI remains married to women’s justice in the India. We have the structure in place, and I’m confident we will have a veritably successful edition of the World Cup,” he further added. 


Also part of the women’s FTP is the recently- introduced ICC women’s T20 titleholders jewel, which will have its initial edition in 2027. 

The ICC Board approved both the men’s and women’s FTP 2023- 2027 and these will be published in the coming days. 

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