Independence Day 2022: Prepare speech essay on every home tricolor campaign from here

Independence Day 2022: Prepare speech essay on every home tricolor campaign from here

Speech On Har Ghar Tiranga Essay Independence Day 15 August Preparations for 15 August 2022 are going on in full swing in India. India has completed 75 years of its independence. The Government of India has started ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’ and ‘Har Ghar Tiranga Abhiyan’ to commemorate 75 years of Indian Independence. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been urged people to make the ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ campaign a success. The ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ campaign will be organized from the August 13 to August 15, 2022, in which people have to hoist the tricolor at their homes.

The country is celebrating the 76th anniversary of Independence Day. The country’s only Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) accredited Karnataka Khadi Village Industries Association supplies the tricolor to be hoisted atop the Red Fort. Every year, by the end of July, the United Sangh sends national flags worth Rs 2.5 crore. But the union hasn’t even got half of the normal order to allow flags made of polyester fabric because of the Centre’s amendment to the National Flag Code. Till now it has orders for flags worth around Rs 1.2 crore, but the union has raw material to supply flags worth Rs 5 crore. United Sangh has organized a vibrant ‘Amrit Mahotsav’ this year In anticipation of the festival, it set its target high and procured more raw materials. The amendment to the flag code that allows polyester flags is a shocking decision not only for the United Federation but for all those associated with Khadi and Village Industries.

The government has launched the ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ campaign at a time when there is no demand for indigenously manufactured Khadi flags. One reason for this is that the size (20X30 inches and 16X27 inches) specified under the campaign is not allowed under BIS standards for the national flag. The unit in Hubli carefully follows the flag code recognized by the BIS in 2004 and manufactures only nine specified sizes of the flag. BIS officers make quarterly visits to maintain the standards and quality. The second and perhaps more important reason is that the polyester flag is much cheaper than the Khadi flag.

What is Har Ghar Tricolor Campaign? The Har Ghar Tiranga Abhiyan is a part of the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav initiative launched by the Government of India to encourage people to bring the tricolor home and hoist it to celebrate the 75th year of India’s independence. The relationship of the citizens with the national flag has always been formal and purely institutional. This campaign tries to make it more personal for the citizen and also emphasizes on the importance of commitment of citizens towards nation building. PM Modi has given impetus to this initiative by urging all citizens to hoist the national flag at their homes between August 13-15.

The general idea behind this initiative is to promote awareness among citizens about the national flag of India and to invoke patriotism in the hearts of the people by creating a personal association with the national flag. Also to ensure maximum availability of the flag to support this campaign, the government has allowed the use of polyester and machinery for the manufacture of the flag. Previous laws allowed hand-twisting of flags, which were hand-knitted from khadi, cotton, wool, silk and woven fabrics. The Har Ghar Tiranga Abhiyan was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 22 July 2022 to encourage citizens to unfurl the national flag at their homes during the period 13-15 August to celebrate 75th Independence Day under the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav initiative. be encouraged. In order to ensure public participation in this event, the government has amended the Indian Flag Code 2002.

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