How To Record WhatsApp Call? Learn this simple trick

How To Record WhatsApp Call? Learn this simple trick 

New DelhiWhatsApp Call Record Just like regular calls, WhatsApp calls are also getting popular now. The special thing is that there’s a veritably clear voice on WhatsApp Call. Also, if the mobile doesn’t have a network, you can also make WhatsApp calls by connecting to Wi- Fi. WhatsApp is no longer limited to just drooling. It also allows you to make videotape calls and voice calls. But, it’s delicate to record WhatsApp calls like regular calls. WhatsApp doesn’t offer any point for call recording. still, you can record WhatsApp voice calls with the help of a simple trick. For this you need to download third party app. Let’s learn about this. 

Download this app for WhatsApp Call Recording

still, it’s veritably easy to record WhatsApp voice calls, If you have an Android phone. For this you need to install Call Archivist cell ACR app from Google Play Store in the phone. With the help of this app you can fluently record WhatsApp voice calls. But, note that the recording point doesn’t work in all Android phones. 

Follow this process for WhatsApp Call Recording

  • First go to Google Play Store, hunt for Call Archivist cell ACR then and install this app in the phone. 
  • Also open the app and allow it to run in the background. 
  • Now open WhatsApp in your phone and make voice call to any contact. 
  • Now cell ACR will automatically start recording your WhatsApp call. 
  • still, open the cell ACR app again and elect the Force VoiP Call as a Voice Call option, If your WhatsApp Call isn’t being recorded. 
  • Now call WhatsApp again. This way, the call will start to be recorded. 

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