How to Make Whatsapp GIF File…

How to Make Whatsapp GIF File
The trend of sending GIF messages in social site WhatsApp has been increasing for a few time now. Like stickers and emoji that help to precise expressions well during chatting. Currently WhatsApp comes with built-in GIF files but if you want to create a personalized GIF then WhatsApp has this feature. This feature allows you to trim any video and convert it to a GIF file.
Here’s how to create a GIF

– Open any chat window by getting to WhatsApp.
– Then continue the attachment icon and attend the gallery and choose the video you would like to convert to GIF.
– After doing so you’ll have the choice to trim the video and add text and emoji.
– Slide the trim bar and trim the GIFs you would like .

Creating a GIF is easy. Makes good GIFs of short videos. The GIF that you simply share is saved within the internal memory of the phone. You can also forward GIFs from one contact to a different , like photos, videos or messages.

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