Honda to promote carbon neutrality, will focus on electrification of motorcycle models

Honda to promote carbon impartiality, will concentrate on electrification of motorcycle models 

New Delhi. 

Honda aims to insure carbon impartiality in all its products and commercial conditioning by 2050. In view of this, moment Honda organized a press conference to give details of colorful enterprise related to its motorcycle business. Presented by Koheli Takeuchi( Director, Executive Vice President and Representative Executive Officer) and Nomura( Managing Officer). 

By 2040, Honda will encourage the electrification of its motorcycle models by icing carbon impartiality across all of its motorcycle products and fastening on environmental strategies in the motorcycle business, as well as working on the advancement of ICE( Internal Combustion Engine – ICE). Will continue 


Honda will introduce 10 or further new electric motorcycles by 2025. The company aims to reach 1 million units of electric motorcycle deals annually over the coming five times and reach3.5 million by 2030.( about 15 percent of total deals) 

As the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, Honda will work to remain a leader in “ carbon impartiality ” with its electric motorcycles while adding to the “ joy of riding ” while also perfecting its products by making software technologies, and electric models compatible. will continue sweats 

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