A visit to a pediatrician on the wrong educational burden on the mental and physical development of children and the contribution of activities that are conducive to their activity to the personal development and education of children.  Here is just link.
he moment in this program is golden and its maximum use is a challenge, what will you do in this three-day program?  That was the question of ISRO – DECU and friends, but after enjoying this program which lasted for a total of 1,30 hours, everyone put it in their mouths … and gave a certificate of it.

An internationally renowned scholar-educator and educational advisor to many countries, the pioneer of MLL, Dr.  Rabindrabhai Dave said that this program and std.  For such activity oriented program of 1st and 2nd, Shri.  That.  Chaudhary and Dr. Nalin sent heartfelt congratulations to Pandit.  The program has been presented by Bhaldas and experts from Bhavnagar, a city full of education, music and culture.  But that’s not all

  It is a matter of enjoying and watching.  And to watch this program, you all have to tell your district education and training center – for the arrangement of cassettes, the child likes to come to school, stops and likes to study … Is it possible or impossible to create such an environment?  You will decide after watching this program.  And if it feels right, let two words flow to our side!  Let’s go to school every day .


Quiz: Part-2 1 1 Answer: * What can a teacher do to turn a child’s rebellious attitude or intolerant attitude towards learning into a positive attitude?  Diet: Find out the special power in Eder baby.  Give the child a chance to express that power.  Appreciate his every good deed.  Take an interest in it. 

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