hazardous earbuds: The use of wireless earbuds is hazardous to healths…


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The trend of Bluetooth headphones is consistently growing. There are many sorts of airpods, earbuds and wireless neckbands available within the market. Non-Bluetooth headphones are handy and wireless, making life easier, but the frequency (RF) radiation emitted from them also harms health. Excessive use of Bluetooth earbuds can increase the danger of brain cancer, consistent with research.

Why the danger of constant or prolonged use of wireless ebuds?

In fact Bluetooth connects to a phone or other device using frequency (RF) radiation. Because of this, Bluetooth headphones don’t have any cables or wires. Being wireless makes it easier to speak to small earbuds or hear a song while walking, exercising, or doing other work.

The electromagnetic frequency emitted from earbuds does tons of injury to our body. Prior to the research, 247 scientists from about 42 countries applied to the United Nations and therefore the World Health Organization (WHO) about the health effects of the electromagnetic field emitted from wireless devices. Was.

According to scientists, radiation from small headphones can damage brain tissue. Prolonged use also can cause brain cancer. Small earbuds are inserted inside the ear. Because of this, the radiation emitted from Bluetooth are often dangerous for both the ears and therefore the brain.

Dangers of small Bluetooth headphones-

1. Neurological Disease: consistent with a report by the middle for Disease Control and Prevention, constant exposure to direct contact with non-ionizing radiation can cause brain tissue damage which can lead to neurological diseases.

2. Brain Cancer: Radiation emitted from earbuds damages brain tissue, and if there’s already a tumor within the brain, radiation works to extend it, 3.which also increases the risk of serious diseases such as cancer.

which may cause the eardrums to rupture.

4. deafness or deafness: taking note of a song in high volume for an extended period of your time causes problems like hearing less. The hearing capacity of our ears is merely 90 decibels, which gradually decreases to 40-50 decibels. Which leads to complaints of deafness. Too often the sound of the horn isn’t even heard and that we become the victims of an accident.

5. Risk of infection: Using the other headphones carries the danger of ear infection. Always use your headphones if you would like to avoid infection. If the other headphones got to be used, clean them thoroughly first.

6. Tinnitus: this is often a condition during which the patient constantly hears a sort of noise within the ear. Listening to a song in fast volume on earphones increases his apprehension. According to doctors, taking note of a song in fast volume makes the ears sound like ‘chan chan’, causing problems like dizziness.

7. Headaches: Radiation from wireless earbuds features a bad effect on the brain. Problems like headaches or insomnia often occur.

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