The infectious disease Research Bill, 2020 was passed within the Rajya Sabha on Saturday, the sixth day of the monsoon session in Parliament. . The bill provides for the protection of doctors, nurses, hopefuls during a plague within the country, while punishing the attacker.
The central government has amended the 123-year-old law, under which anyone who attacks doctors and other doctors are often sentenced to a maximum of seven years.

A fine of Rs 50,000 ,Rs 2 lakh has been imposed on the attacker. It also can carry a sentence of three months to five years. While just in case of great injury a maximum sentence of seven years are often given. this is able to be a non-bailable offense.
an issue within the Lok Sabha, said that 97 migrant workers were killed during a journey during a special train run during the lockdown. He further said that the figures were obtained from the government .

The number of corona within the country crossed 53 lakh
A total of 53.12 lakh cases of corona are reported within the country thus far , out of which 42 lakh 5 thousand 201 people have recovered. 10 lakh 15 thousand 981 patients are undergoing treatment, while a complete of 85 thousand 625 people have died. These figures are as per website.
Corona’s updates
Congress MP K Suresh Corona has demanded compensation for the families of these who lost their lives, that he has issued a notice within the Lok Sabha

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