Government of India launches digital calendar and diary, now this feature will be available only in phone


Gujarati calendar 2020 to 2021

Download Calendar 2021

The digital calendar and diary app are currently available in Hindi and English, are going to be launched in 15 other languages soon. The theme of the calendar and diary are going to be changed monthly .

Five crores are going to be saved: Ministry

On Friday, the Ministry of data and Broadcasting launched a digital calendar and diary for 2021, saying it might save about Rs 5 crore on the value of printing the calendar.

Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said that each year we print 1.1 million calendars and 90,000 diaries but this year it’s in digital format.

Head of Press Information Bureau (PIB) K.S. Dhawalia said printing of calendars and diaries cost Rs 7 crore last year, but this point the value to the ministry is around Rs 2 crore because it is in digital format.

Great men are going to be mentioned

Javadekar said the app will meet the necessity for a replacement calendar per annum . monthly a topic are going to be found out and messages are going to be given and an excellent man are going to be mentioned. the appliance also will inform the people about the beginning timeline of varied government programs.

Important link…

Download Calander: Click Here

Will be available in 15 languages from January 15th.

Javadekar said the diary has added more features to the calendar. it’s more features than other digital calendar apps and is simpler to use. He said the ‘GOI Calendar’ app is free and can be available in 11 languages from January 15.

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