Google’s best feature to save forever. 

No need to transfer photo while changing phone.
All photos will come as soon as you login mail id.
There is no such situation of life which can’t be converted into opportunity. Every situation has no message. If you do not have anything to eat someday, thank God like Shri Sudama ji
“Lord, by your grace, i’m receiving this virtue like Ekadashi.

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If ever there’s an enormous crisis, like Maa Kunti, express my gratitude to God that if God doesn’t are available my life, how would I remember you? I shouldn’t be confused by my happiness, that’s why you’ve got given me this grace.



Thank God every moment and keep singing this sentiment from the guts ,
Your burden is too much for me,
Which I am not capable of lifting.
I have come but I know
I am unable to return even at the speed .
Right now we are talking about WhatsApp Policy. And there is talk of violating your privacy.
Understand this, but nowadays most Gujju Bloggers make any sort of app viral. Is
Like what you’ll appear as if once you grow old , install antivirus in your mobile and increase the speed of mobile.
A lot of those , that is, tons of apps are put up a day .
Now we do not believe a corporation like WhatsApp, Facebook that our data won’t be stolen.
And you come and inquire from me to download such app locks?
Your WhatsApp group will mostly have people that come from a bourgeoisie family and are a touch educated and preparing for small-to-large government. Or older people that now have a sensible phone. And don’t know what’s true and what’s false. That means you do not know what app to download and what data to possess .
That way you are feeling like you’re selling out most people’s data.
You know which app you set in only for views and money. Doesn’t it sell data?
If the info of an enormous company like Truecaller are often leaked, then you set an app that suits you. That’s all the data is leaking.

Millions of people will be. And you educated people inadvertently promote the app in such how . And giving data is not a good thing

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