Google Photos service began to spoil old photos

Google photos service began to spoil old photo 

Many complaints from druggies of Google photo ( Google photo ) have appeared on the network. In the once many days, druggies have started noticing “ vestiges ” in aged image backups. 

The problem seems to affect photos uploaded further than five times agone . The print shows lines, blotches, “ deep cracks ” and what looks like water stains that were n’t on the original downloads. 



One Example 

Judging by the complaints in the support section of the service, old images can get a variety of damage. still, druggies report vestiges in Google photos on all platforms. 


Interestingly, some druggies note that opening corrupted photos in the Google photos image editor removes “ vestiges ”. This suggests that the original performances may not be corrupted. But we will have to stay until Google releases an sanctioned statement on this matter. 

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