Gmail Hacks: 5 tools that will make your work life easier

Gmail Hacks 5 tools that will make your work life easier 

If you’re new to Gmail also we bring you five settings and features which you must be familiar with to make your experience smooth and easy. 

Gmail is one of the widest used platforms in the world which connects people-professionally and helps in storing stoner data like- pictures, contact, phone backup, and much further. 


But besides being introductory, there are still several features which you must haven’t explored so far. These features can act as your diary to help you do everything clutter-free and smooth. 


When you’ll produce your first Gmail account, the inbox will look veritably simple and introductory, but there’s always a compass to add some colors to your profile. Gmail pollutants enable you to make your profile look different and various. You can automate the entire inbox in a clean and cluttered free, to insulate the emails according to the precedence and maximize your time. Also, Gmail enables you to automatically apply markers, forward emails, insulate spam and indeed shoot a template consequently. 

How to set up a sludge? 


  • Click on quick settings 
  • Click on see all settings or just directly choose from the drop- down menu 
  • From the drop- down, you may choose the viscosity 
  • After that, you may choose themes- background 
  • also you can conclude for the kind of inbox you want 
  • also you’ll get the reading pane too 
  • And incipiently, the dispatch thread discussion view 




Dispatch templates are a rescuer and it helps you to respond faster to your emails. The templates are generallypre-written emails and it could hardly take a many clicks to draft the entire reply or correspondence. 

How to enable the template point in the setting? 


  • Opening Gmail 
  • clicking on ‘ Settings ’ 
  • Also click on ‘ Advanced ’ 
  • Now you’ll see a ‘ Templates ’ section 
  • There elect ‘ Enable ’ 
  • Now click on ‘ Save Changes’ 

Once you compose your dispatch, click on the three blotches positioned on the right side of the runner. Now click on ‘ Templates’, and save your draft as a new template. 

Brand your draft and save it for the unborn use 

Now when you’re needed to compose an dispatch, click on the three blotches and choose the saved template. 



This is a life redeemer at times when you have thousands of emails in your account and you need to find one particular dispatch. 


  • Go to the hunt bar at the top 
  • Go to advanced hunt 
  • Options to search by are date range, keywords which aren’t included in the emails, size of the dispatch 




To cancel emails to clean the inbox isn’t always the option. Hence, you might have to insulate the emails for the future. Although numerous push their matters to trash to clean the inbox, trash also permanently deletes the dispatches and matters after 30 days. Hence, archiving the correspondence is a good option! 

Archived emails aren’t visible in the inbox but are there in ‘ All correspondence ’. The marker ‘ Archived ’ hovers over the choice of emails which could be shifted by clicking on the downcast arrow. 




This is precisely one point which numerous use, but not duly. You can clearly do a lot to manage your day. From adding birthdays to adding your to- do list, the timetable is super accessible to handle your timelines and admonitions too. It can enable you to manage and be on time for your meetings, trip, festivity time, or any other situation. 

You can fluently add whatever you want to add to your timetable fluently. This can also be deleted fluently and you can add and remove monuments as per the timelines too. Also, you can add timetable invites for meeting your associates or musketeers too- over Google Meet. 


Still, also I believe these way might help you to get familiar with the platform, If you’re new to Gmail. We’ll clearly bring further of the Gmail hacks to make your experience simple and easier. 

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