From the Maruti Swift to the Toyota Innova Crysta, super luxury cars made by DC Design

From the Maruti Swift to the Toyota Innova Crysta, super luxury cars made by DC Design

DC Design is known for its car modification and custom designs both in the country and abroad. The owner of this company, Dilip Chhabria, has designed many fantastic and popular cars such as “Tarzan” film car and DC Avanti Sports-car. There is no doubt that DC is not an opponent in the market if it is a matter of designing the interior. These cars, equipped with the built-in DC, are called DC Lounge and do not look less than a 5-star hotel.

So let us look at the 10 great interior car modifications done by this company: –

Maruti Swift

The previous generation Maruti Suzuki Swift was one of the finest cars being made available in India. This car was the most premium interior in terms of its segments. The entire car was given a black finish from the inside. DC also took notice of this matter and now what is in front of you is a snappy incarnation of this car. While trying to give this custom swift sporty look, DC has given it a white and black finish.

Hindustan Ambassador

DC had ambassador ambassador long ago and its surprisingly beautiful result was revealed. But in the picture presented here, DC has just modulated the interior of the car and now it looks like a ‘Raj Throne’ in its rear seat. Ambassador had the best rear seat in its segment anyway, and now DC has installed four moons in it. Now in this custom ambassador you get the leather upholstery, interior decorations made of high-quality wood, two inflatable screens, food-trays, and 4 rear AC vent.

Hyundai Elantra

The modified car is an old version of Hyundai Alantra, which already had a stylish interior. But now, this car has given absolutely unmatched and stylish features which are very good for the eyes. The new black and red interior of this car give it a more sporty look.

Mahindra XUV500

This car is also the best-selling vehicle in its segment and it has also been modulated by DC very carefully. As the trend is, by removing this second and third line of the car, the reclining seat has been used instead. Now the back of this car is the only place for two people, but this custom XUV500 now gives a unique premium feel. There is a large display behind both front seats and the entire SUV is decorated with leather upholstery. This DC XUV500 has been finishing touches with high-quality wood and also has ambient lighting feature.

Nissan Sunny

Nissan Sunny is one of the biggest cars in her segment and this is also her biggest feature. DC has used this feature of the car a lot and now has added reclining seat and chiller to this sedan. Sunny has now been given the red and dark interior decorations and has also been used for designing high crocodile wood.

Renault Duster

Renault Duster is a good compact SUV in which the company has made available to plain Interiors customers. But everything in the picture presented here is inverted. Due to this modified duster, dual-tone interiors are given which look quite attractive. White leather finish has been provided on car seats and reclining seat has been used in the previous section. DC is now adding Infotainment Display panels behind the front seats.

Tata Aria

Area was a unique experiment in the Indian car manufacturer Tata’s case. By the way, this car did not do any great in terms of sales, but in the Tata Arena present here, DC has completely replaced the interior. Now in this custom area you find wood made interior, leather upholstery, reclining seat, a big TV, and a chiller. This modification DC has done very well and it can compete with any luxury salon in case of car lookup.

Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortune has long been the best-selling SUV in India. From the time of its launch this SUV has attracted Indian car enthusiasts. Now DC has given the interior of this car a completely new look. In this new stylish and premium interior of the car, passengers are now full of features such as leather upholstery, reclining rear seat, ultra-modern TV which separates front and rear seats, and top-class recreational systems. Not only this, this car also has a mini-bar and ambient lighting system.

Ford EcoSport

The existing version available in the market of Exosport is much better than its previous models in the case of interior and succulents. In the car presented here DC has completely replaced the interior. The main attraction of this car is now the large round shape AC vents for passengers who sit in the back seat.

So friends, what do you think about these cars? Which of these cars did you consider the best of modification? Would you also like to have your car modulated with DC Design? Please tell us by commenting below because we are eagerly waiting for your feedback.

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