Eighth wonder of the world created in China, many people died during construction

Eighth wonder of the world created in China, many people died during construction

China has done something like this again recently that the world is once again forced to accept the country’s iron in terms of technology. Yes, this time China has built the world’s longest sea bridge. These bridges will work to connect Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China. A snacking road crossing and a tunnel have also been constructed in this bridge. This bridge has been constructed over the Pearl River.

The length of the tunnel made in the bridge is 6.7 kilometers. Gao Jinling, the project manager of this bridge, has to say about this that he had to work hard to build this tunnel. Sometimes it happened that he had to work continuously without sleeping at night. Inside the water, this tunnel has been built with the help of 80,000 tonne pipes. To build this tunnel under water, WaterTeight technology had to be resorted to.

It is being told that 60 egg towers can be made from the amount of steel used in the construction of this bridge. 420,000 tonnes of steel has been used to build this bridge. This bridge has been built at a cost of $ 1,510 million above sea level. It took nine years to build this bridge. This bridge, 55 kilometers (34 miles), has reduced the distance of three hours to thirty minutes.

Yes, before the bridge was built, it took 3 hours to reach Hong Kong from China’s Juhai but now it will only take 30 minutes. According to experts, this bridge can be used for the next 120 years. This bridge will take 60 per cent less time to travel, which will increase trade in China and its direct positive impact will be on the Chinese economy.

However, making this bridge was not easy. While making it many cases of corruption came to light, many workers lost their lives, the budget was not according to the estimates. For all these reasons, it took more time to make it. The bridge was inaugurated in the year 2017 but it has not yet been opened to the general public. No information has been given about its opening date.

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