Education news update on date.3/12/2020

 Urgency to send marks in next two days due to non-receipt of marks of schools online Many schools of October unit test have not sent marks yet. Post-vacation answer books have been delayed due to evaluation and uploading. The unit was tested. But the online marks of these schools have been found by the education department to have students in private arrears in addition to government schools this year. The unit test, which started for October, also has a lot of unit test papers for schools at the end of the month. Were sent and Diwali schools have not yet uploaded the students in the vacation of the new academic session in the state has been found to be of that paper. After the start of the unit test, the schools have started writing the answers from the month of July onwards. After its completion, it will be checked by November 8 and its marks will be posted online. Have. However, the October marks are still off work and have been held to students. After July-August, even after the completion of this operation, many schools have not yet sent the unit through two online educations. An online test was conducted. The department has been instructed not to place the unit.

 After the Diwali vacation education started, the education department conducted the test and after two days of marking the schools, the parents urged the students to check the answer books of all the government and private students and submit them online. Get to know. The mark was not placed since this operation took place. According to which there is one every month. However, the unit was reopened in late December after completion in October. Unit testing has been initiated. The unit will be tested for a long time even after the test is completed.

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