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 So first you would like to understand what software is and what its function is, then we would like to inform you here that software has two sorts of online software and a second offline software. Now we’ve to make a decision here which software to use or say which software is best for us, first of all we’d like to understand what’s the difference between online and offline software.

ધોરણ 6 ગુજરાતી સપ્ટેમ્બર પુનઃ કસોટી પેપર

ધોરણ 7 ગુજરાતી સપ્ટેમ્બર પુનઃ કસોટી પેપર

ધોરણ 8 ગુજરાતી સપ્ટેમ્બર પુનઃ કસોટી પેપર


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Online software – Online software

Software installed on the server and used with the assistance of user id and password like Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.

Offline Software – Offline Software

Software installed directly on our computer or laptop is named offline software like 

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