He was a proponent of methods such as solution method, objective work experience and experimentation.  Humanity should be developed in a person through education, humanity means love, empathy, compassion, unity, cooperation etc. The person should  developed through education so that he can forget all the differences of caste, creed, religion, community, gender or region.

The feeling of being develops.  Education should develop such an international goodwill that each person should embody the spirit of “Vasudhav Kutumbakam” and the role  the teacher and the educational institution: The teacher should treat the students with love and joy.  The student should be able to meet the teacher without fear. 

The touch of the teacher’s personality changes the student’s life.  The teacher should be the child’s friend and mentor.  It should be free from prejudice and prejudice.  The teacher should be interested in the independent personality development of  child.  It should have generosity, empathy, courage and fearlessness.  There should be full readiness of subject knowledge.

  He should have wisdom and maturity, he should be diligent, scientifically minded, progressive in vision and forward-thinking.  Enlighten the past, in whose eyes tomorrow grows.  That true teacher should thus have the pride of his profession and faith in his work.  Dr.  According to Radhakrishnan, educational institutions have a special role in  holistic development of children.

He observed that Shia institutions have become mere rituals.  It is lifeless and suspended.  It is easy to get admission but hard to get education.  Programs in educational institutions are monotonous and stagnant.  Yet the shaping and masonry of the nation takes place in educational institutions.  Educational institutions have a free environment, opportunities for the development of person’s happy registered personality, where there is no realm of fear.

There should be an educational institution that does not suffer from the paralysis of prejudices or prejudices and is thriving on various activities, the institution should remain a laboratory of democratic life. 

(3) I will sing ‘Vande Mataram’ in the prayer meeting.  I will call the affidavit, make the clock sing and call the census at the time of leaving school … (4) I will give joyful education to my students.  (5) I will not be rude to my students.  (6) I will accept and be helpful to every child.  (7) I will teach the children through activities and teach them with love, (8) I will be able to get them whenever the children need, (9) I will speak less and let the students speak as well as teach by speaking.

(10) I will be the favorite teacher of the children ”(11) I will make my life a constant inspiration to the students.  (12) I will keep in touch with the student, his parents and the society.  (13) I will let the students ask questions to satisfy their curiosity.  And I will teach you to think, (14) I will have full faith in the children, I will remove the fear and dread and I will create a situation where every child will give something of his own. 

(15) I will use my school tape-recorder and TV for school children and also do co-curricular activities.  (16) I will be a lifelong student, dominate the subject and instill the sacraments by teaching empathy.  (17) I will take care that students learn in groups, learn in pairs and learn by self-study.


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(18) I will necessarily use whatever educational resources and books are in the school.  Let there be no green drought in education.  (19) I will provide education for the self-development of the student.  (20) I will not commit academic as well as other corruption and rashit)

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