CRC EXAM PAPER on Date.29/11/2020

Attempts have been made to compile a list of possible and potential capabilities under each of the ten major types of capabilities performed.  Such efforts can be re-examined before planning a special in-service training program.  In the pre-service program, all the subjects have to be covered within a specified period of time, while under the in-service program, the focus is on one or two subjects in the one or two week program.  The rest of the subjects can be carried out later under one of the other types of capacity. 

The choice of which one of the special abilities under one type of ability depends on the special study needs of a group of in-service trainees working in the area tailored to the social, cultural and economic context of the area concerned.  This will be a crucial factor in the planning of early-stage carpeting programs.  The development of abilities will not only give the teacher-instructors the opportunity to discuss the relevant theories and disciplines in the context of an interdisciplinary approach during the teacher-training course but will also provide guidance to the student-teachers on how to develop and put those abilities into practice.

In this way, the five most essential commitments for teachers have been identified so that they can understand the role of the community in taking the initiative in the educational work and cultivate their ideal personality that will leave an indelible mark on the minds of the students.  Similarly, five areas of operation have been identified covering the activities of teachers inside and outside the school.  In this way, the curriculum structure is a concise form of a combination of abilities, commitments and performance, which is a summary of the pre-service teacher training of primary level and the expectations that are expected from future teachers. 

Equilibrium training of in-service teachers The professional learning needs of in-service teachers are equally important and must be adequately met by the teacher-training method.  The abilities and skills acquired by these teachers during the pre-service training are rapidly becoming obsolete and inadequate due to the changes taking place in the field of education, especially due to the new technology.  It should therefore be regularly renewed and corrected to suit the situation.

CRC EXAM PAPER 29/11/2020 


In addition, any major change in the curriculum can only be put into practice when in-service teachers are professionally fully capable of understanding its effects and consequences.  Therefore, it is necessary to train in-service teachers a version of the competency-based approach before the primary stage.  The Minimum Level of Learning (MLA) program essentially improves the quality of study and almost every child achieves a level of mastery in his / her learning. 

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