Harijan and I have to talk today. He has spent Rs.  Of the work done during the ten thousand.  .  If we go to the people, even today people are ready to do a lot for education by organizing a village meeting in a primary school for a child friendly class.  This was proved by Dineshbhai.  Twenty-six has contributed and has shown up at Devpura Primary School.  What did Bagh Dineshbhai do in Gamlokoage School due to Dineshbhai’s mediation?  Let’s see: pick. 

He worked almost as a co-ordinator in his cluster resource center at Tekra Primary School (Cluster Resource Center) before convincing the villagers that his 200 plus children were coming out of poverty.  Decided to get their cooperation.  For this, they must have torn clothes on people’s bodies forever.  Dineshbhai went, held meetings and told the truth.  The primary school thought that these children would get uniforms.  Immediately it is the temple of the village, it is the institution of the village and its development is the same as Bhansali Trust, Shri Maheshbhai Bhansali of Deesa also wants to do the same to the villagers etc.  Curry.  For the primary school of the villagers, trust for the teachers and immediately Mr. Maheshbhai raised the poor by taking a modest token fee, which is very important for DPEP.  Education showed readiness to provide uniforms to children, the details of which removed the misconception in the hearts of the people for this.  Std.

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At Amarpura Primary School in his area.  Boys from 1 to 4 are given shorts – bushart – take fee of Rs.  Eight independence golden jubilee – financial from the people to celebrate – Std.  Shorts – Busharts – Token fee of Rs.  Received ten co-operatives and out of this amount 700 poor Std.  Skirt-3D for girls from 1 to 8 – Token fee Rs.  Five children were given a meal with sweets.  This school is very – Std.  Skirts for girls from 4 to 7 – Skirt – Token fee Rs.  As Bar is located in the hinterland, this program of distribution of our uniforms on the road is also very difficult for the taluka development.  At the end of Dineshbhai’s persuasion, the officer, the education inspector, the parents of the children are as follows:

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