Circular – Primary School Std 6 to 8 Class Sharu karava babat

Circular – grade school Std 6 to eight Class Sharu karva babat

the information obtained through this research is wonderful.  It’s not that everything is there, the findings are used to improve the curriculum.  Difficulties come, mistakes also happen.  Because the task of developing the curriculum or the textbooks, even if the errors are positively assessed, the task of preparing is the work of only two or four accomplished human beings.  Mistakes are admitted.  

The experience of the teachers of that subject is also not considered in this regard. We have been involved with the Additional Director of GCERT, so their suggestions also became important in the speech.  Are given .  This is a very important matter ….. The limitations of some of the research that has been carried out so far have been accepted by two or four people, i.e. experts, who came together and instinctively accepted it and also prepared a textbook of its reasons.  Not only the involvement in the coming year but also the teachers will be involved in this work.  

Primary teachers were ordered to attend school

વાંચો સમાચાર ગુજરાતી માં 

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This is done entirely – at the primary level.  Moreover, the importance of their views is open, analytical, liberal and positive approach and necessary changes are also made on that basis.  E.g.  Seen in his speech and performance.  This approach is found in one of these researches which is found in the leadership of the class which currently uses the regional dialect in most of the teachers in the District Education Training Building classrooms which found the educational achievement of the changed children of primary education to be remarkably high …..  

The witness is complete.  Such an environment of education can be seen at the new entry level in Std. 1 and 2 on the basis of all these findings and it is written in the textbook of the textbook that there will be learning without stress, enjoyable learning, and  But you can expect a year to come and change the content accordingly.  E.g.  Thanks: Gujaratmitra (17 – ll. “99) Os Ruro.

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