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 PARIPATO is Useful . For a long time the British ruled our country. We were slaves, we were slaves. Mahatma PARIPATO and other leaders made efforts to make our country independent. There were many martyrs to get freedom. We attained independence on the 15th of August, PARIPATO. We celebrate this day as Independence Day. This is our proud national holiday. The 15th of August is a very important event of flag waving. PARIPATO

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક

સતત ત્રણ મહિના શાળામાં શિક્ષક અને બાળકોની વધુ ગેરહાજરી બાબત લેટર વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

વેકેશનમાં કામગીરી કરવા બાબત CRC ને વાંચવા લાયક લેટર

Our PARIPATO hoists the national flag at the Red Fort in Delhi. They send a public message. Flag waving program is organized in our cities and villages. The flag is also saluted in educational institutions and public institutions. On the day of 15th August, programs like Prabhatferi, cultural programs and singing of patriotic songs are organized. PARIPATO At night the buildings of public institutions are decorated with lights. This is the day to take a vow to PARIPATO preserve the freedom gained by making great sacrifices.




Our national flag has an orange stripe PARIPATO at the top. The color orange is a symbol of heroism. It inspires us to sacrifice for the country. There is a white stripe in the middle. It is a symbol PARIPATO of peace. At the bottom is a green belt. It is a symbol of the country’s population. There is a cycle between our national flags. It is called “PARIPATO”. It implies respect for all religions. PARIPATO


PARIPATO is the month of festivals of Shravan Mass. There are many festivals in Shravan Mass. The festival of Balev is celebrated PARIPATO on the full moon day of Shravan month.

The raw yarn is the ashes of the thread. PARIPATO It has pearls in between the silk brooms. Now the ashes are made artistically. Sister is eager to tie ashes to brother, brother is eager to tie ashes to sister. PARIPATO


Science has given us many tools of comfort. It has the wonderful gift of computer science. The computer looks like a TV. PARIPATO A computer has parts like a keyboard, PARIPATO mouse, monitor and printer. 

The keyboard is like a typewriter. It can be typed. The mouse is used to draw the figure. PARIPATO It also has many other uses. Pictures can be viewed and text can be read on the monitor.

Uchch Sixan na Tharavo

Techanical Sixan Na Tharavo

Prathamik Sixan Na Tharavo

Madhymik Sixan Na Tharavo

Madhyahan Bhojan Yojanana Tharavo

Badali Na Niyamo Uchch Prathamik

Badali Angena Tharavo/Paripatro

Badalina Niyamo

The computer can write PARIPATO and calculate quickly. Games can be played on the computer. Songs can be heard on the computer and PARIPATO movies can also be watched.

Today computers are being used in offices, banks, PARIPATO schools, shops etc. Computers are really very useful PARIPATO .

I learn to use a computer.



Badalina All GR

BLO Paripatro

CCC Paripatro


There were two cats. PARIPATO Both were hungry, both wandering in search of food. So his eyes fell on a loaf of bread lying in a house. Both of them jumped on the bread together. PARIPATO

A PARIPATO cat took the loaf and ran away. PARIPATO The other cat ran after her. The two began to fight for bread. Their eyes fell on a monkey. PARIPATO

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