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The Gujarat government provides partial subvention for installation of solar power shops event 

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Calculate Bill From Company from Gujarat PGVCL, DGVCL, MGVCL, UGVCL ANDROID APPLICATION. 

Check Light Bill Status Online


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Madhya Gujarat Vij Company Limited 


Uttar Gujarat Vij Company Ltd. 


Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Ltd. 


Dakshin Gujarat Vij Company Ltd. 


Torrent Power Bill Payment – Quick Pay 

The Government of Gujarat( GEDA- Gujarat Energy Development Agency) has enforced a policy of fixing solar roof top power shops in every quarter of the state of Gujarat to deliver solar power to homes. 

According to this scheme the client are going to be given the posterior benefits by the govt of Gujarat also because the Government of India. 

Out of which 2 units are getting to be make daily. and within the bill 2 x 50 days = 120 units per month x 2 = 50 units minus one bill you’ll need to pay the redundant bill. no conservation hassle because it’s going to be a tool without battery.. Performance bond of solar battery for five times. 

– Use of Solar System- 

 All the electrical particulars in our house kind of a. we will use it forC., freezer, television, water motor, washer, ironing, light- addictetc. 

Do not forget to shoot the knowledge of this scheme to your musketeers and family so as that your musketeers and family can also mileage the benefits of this scheme of Gujarat Government. 

Whether it’s your own fault but condemning others, this has come the character of this man today.However, he blames the gravestone, when he drowns he blames the water and if he can not do anything, If an individual cascade. 

The only meaning of condemning others is that you simply are unfit to simply accept the error of yourself and crush all possibilities of enhancement in your own hands. 

It’s further fatal than having blame in one’s own life, condemning others because it involves both destruction of some time and tone- adequacy. thus, try tone- enhancement, where there’s a bent for tone- enhancement, there is also union with God. 

Vaishak Shukla Paksha Panchami also had the aesthetics of two great souls on this land. One was Adi Guru Shrimad Shankaracharya Ji Maharaj and therefore the contrary was the great saint Surdas Baba Ji Maharaj.

Jagadguru Shankaracharya Swamiji was the worshiper of Nirguna form because of being knowledgeable, while Surdas Baba Ji was been worshiper of Saguna form thanks to being love loving. One told the trail to perform that Lord by the trail of knowledge and one told the trail to achieve that Lord by the trail of affection. 

One placarded” Shivaoham- Shivaoham”, that is, i am the Brahman, and one accepted the retreat of that God with the feeling of” mero mind horizonless where happiness is generous”. One said that i am nothing but Brahma, and therefore the contrary said that i am nothing but Brahma. One placarded that i am Brahman and therefore the contrary requested that i am Brahman.

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