Caution / Warning if you are using hot water to get rid of corona

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Corona virus has taken the entire world hostage and annoyed. Wailing has spread everywhere. Corona infections are spreading very fast in India. Millions of people are being infected every day. Now people are drinking very hot water. However, the govt has announced measures to stop corona viral infection by drinking predicament .

There are many misconceptions about the corona virus

There are many misconceptions about corona virus. People are focusing on home remedies. But the government has from time to time made efforts to dispel the illusion of carrying the corona virus in its own way. Recently a claim of corona infection was made by drinking hot water. This proves that drinking predicament doesn’t defeat the corona virus.

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Corona virus can’t be defeated by any movement of predicament

The WHO has already proven that no activity in predicament can defeat the corona virus. Some people are drinking hot water every time. And bathing in hot water. Which makes their health worse. The government has dismissed the excuse of consuming predicament and bathing in predicament through the MYGOVINDIA Twitter handle.

Drinking too much hot water affects the blood volume

Excessive damage to anything. Drinking an excessive amount of predicament affects the quantity of blood. This can cause high vital sign and a few other cardiac problems. Not only that, drinking predicament without thirst can cause swelling within the veins of the brain. That is why don’t drink predicament frequently. Drinking 1 glass of warm water within the morning is enough.

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