Breaking NEWS: Lockdown will open after May 3, read government’s plan!

To prevent the spread of the corona virus, on 22 March, PM Narendra Modi imposed a lockdown for 3 weeks across the country. On the day it was ending, the PM announced that the nationwide lockdown is being extended till May 3. Although some relaxation was also given in lockdown in many cities from Monday, the whole country is still in their homes in a way. Despite this, the corona cases are increasing rather than decreasing and now the news is that the central government is not in the mood to push the lockdown after May 3. Yes, the plan has also been prepared after the lockdown ends on the 3rd.

A news channel has quoted sources claiming that the lockdown will be gradually lifted after 3 May and further concessions will be granted with certain conditions. However, areas with red and orange zones will not get this exemption at present. With the reduction of corona cases, the scope of exemption will be extended.

The government has prepared this plan for the post-lockdown

Even after May 3, movement from the train, plane is difficult at the moment. No decision has been taken on this yet.

– In areas with green zone, only traffic will be approved within the city.

Social distancing and mask will be a part of people’s everyday lifestyle. It can be kept mandatory for a long time.

– You can get the freedom to leave the house, but you have to wear a mask and take care of distance from each other.
In offices, taking care of social distancing can allow work to be done.

– There will be complete ban on gathering of crowds in some place.

For the time being, places like wedding ceremonies, religious places cannot be relieved. For the maximum number of guests that can come to the wedding, for this you have to take written permission from the DM.
After May 3, public utility shops can also be given relief with certain conditions.

After the end of the lockdown, special monitoring will be done on areas like Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Indore. Here some rules of lockdown will be followed currently.

Sources say that only after May 15, after further assessing the condition of Corona in the country, the strategy will be decided further.

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