Apple won’t bring Touch ID back to iPhone. For at least the foreseeable future

Apple won’t bring Touch ID back to iPhone. For at least the foreseeable future 

Apple will most probably not return to using the Touch ID point scanner in aged iPhones, despite the fact that it has been testing new options for a long time. 

Bloomberg bigwig and intelligencer Mark Gurman says that the company is testing two options an under- screen scanner, like numerous other companies, and a scanner in the power button, as enforced in the iPad mini and Air. Despite testing, it’s likely that the company won’t choose any of the options in the end and won’t return Touch ID to the iPhone. At least for the foreseeable future. 


There have been conversations at Apple over the once many times about bringing Touch ID back to the high- end iPhone. The company has tested Touch ID in the screen and indeed considered placing it on the power button. For now, I believe Face ID is n’t going anywhere, and Touch ID is n’t coming back to flagship iPhones — at least not for the foreseeable future. 

At the same time, Gurman doesn’t count the return of Touch ID in some new form in youngish Apple smartphones, for illustration, in the coming iPhone SE. Recall, according to rumors, the new iPhone SE will be grounded on the iPhone XR. True, in this case, he’ll admit Face ID, and it isn’t clear why he needs Touch ID also. still, Gurman notes that this is only his supposition and he has not heard of anything like that. 

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