Amazon Alexa could imitate my grandma’s voice! Know more

Amazon Alexa could imitate my grandma’s voice! Know further 


Amazon is working on bringing a new point to the Alexa Bluetooth speaker to imitate the sound of grandparents and resite stories. Know more 

Amazon is working on a new Alexa point that will let the virtual adjunct mimic the voice of your family member and also speak or read your favourite bedtime stories at sleep time. 

Rohit Prasad, Amazon’s elderly Vice President and Head Scientist for Alexa, said that we’re plainly living in the golden period of AI, where our dreams and wisdom inventions are getting a reality. 

At the company’s periodic’ reMars’ conference in Las Vegas late on Wednesday, Prasad said that to achieve this feat, Alexa platoon used just one nanosecond of speech. 


” This needed inventions where we had to learn to produce a high- quality voice with lower than a nanosecond of recording versus hours of recording in the plant,” Pradas told the followership. 

” The way we made it be is by framing the problem as a voice conversion task and not a speech generation path,” he added. 


During a donation, a child asked,” Alexa, can grandma finish reading me the Wizard of Oz?” 

Alexa said yes and also incontinently changed her voice, sounding like the sprat’s grandmother in real life. 


The Alexa point is presently in the workshop. 

Amazon has blazoned to host its periodic Alexa Live event for inventors on July 20 and we may hear further about it also. 

Alexa Live 2022 will give attendees with a deep dive behind the wisdom powering the coming generation of” ambient intelligence”. 


” Our vision for ambient computing can only be realized by expansive collaboration between brigades at Alexa and all of our mates,” said Kelly Wenzel, Director of Business to Business and inventor Marketing at Alexa. 

” Alexa Live 2022 is our occasion to showcase the numerous products, programs, and services we have designed specifically to help brands and builders influence Alexa’s growing footmark to introduce on behalf of guests,” Wenzel added. 


There are now hundreds of millions of Alexa bias out there with guests around the world. 

People are using Alexa to play their favourite songs, read the rearmost captions, shroud the lights in their living apartments, and lots more. 

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