Air India: Tata Group’s new plan for Air India, will work on expanding its fleet

Air India Tata Group’s new plan for Air India, will work on expanding its line 

Air India :- Air India of the Tata Group plans to expand its line in a couple of times. According to media reports, similar information has come to the fore. still, some information has not been revealed about how the Tata Group is funding the expansion of the line. 

This is the information about the new aeroplanes

At present, Air India’s line is a blend of Boeing( 777- 200LR, 777- 300ER and 787- 800 Dreamliner) and Airbus( 319, 320, 320 Neo and 321) aircraft, with 113 functional breakouts. Media reports said the proposed new aeroplanes would be a blend of narrow and wide bodies from two manufacturers, Airbus and Boeing. 

What about Air India 

It’s also being said that Air India has asked its aviators if they want to get trained in flying the A350, which means the airline is planning to inaugurate it into its line for long- haul breakouts. still, Air India officers couldn’t be reached for comment. 

Tata will make big deal for aeroplanes reports 

The Tata Group acquired Air India from the Government of India last time. The group formerly has Vistara and AirAsia. According to a report in The Economic Times, Air India is planning to add further than 200 aircraft to its line in the coming 4- 5 times. At the same time, it has been told in some other reports that Air India is going to do the biggest aircraft deal in the history of India. 

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