They have developed as a place of refuge for the economically weaker, the elders of the village in their hometown area or the surrounding villages who have helped their son bright students with a plan to help many daughters do not seek refuge.

  His cousin Dilipbhai Patel who is the son of an electrical Natubhai farmer, his parents are still engineers, like-minded, doing the farming himself.  Partnership with the brothers has only contributed to the work.  Income other than salary is 2 acres of land which he took for the management of this old house, which belongs to the shop for painting and painting he has made, the rest of the land he has given to his brothers.

The amount received from the rent etc. will be given to the dim bright students for their noble deeds.  1000 / – or more per student.  He has been developing a plan to help these vulnerable students and his own activity since February 1993.  So far, plans have been made to develop the house as an ‘old age home’ for the elderly.  Their telephones, G.E.B.  Supervisors who are constantly promoting different donations like corporations, secondary schools and as many as 32 beneficiaries in these different fields have become self reliant.

Congratulations to Mr. Dilipbhai Patel, who has made a great contribution in developing and implementing these activities on which all the beneficiaries live with their parents.  Wish you all the best.  When the beneficiary finds a job, as per the condition, a new school in Tiskari Talat (Ta. Dharampur) of Natubhai.  100 / – (only one hundred) once, they have to repay this loan as per their norms without any fee, so that they do not feel that they want to build a school.  Someone is kind to me. 

This money is used for such purpose in future Natubhai Narasimhabhai Patel, out of which not a single penny is hometown: Ladhra Ta.  Valsad is not used by both Patel brothers for their work.  Existing School: Adarsh   Pvt.  School, Haiderganj, Ta.  Eighty-four.  Natubhai Patel was preceded in death by his aged parents whose age was C.R.C.  Co-ordinator Sachin Ta.  Eighty-four is about 35 years old, giving him Rs.  7.23 lakh by building a house, which is the most important of his life.  C, e nar.  There is an occasion. 



This house is considered by them as ‘Ghardaghar’, where SVIH o std.  (1) Review of the new textbook of language and mathematics The overall conclusion of this study is that the new textbooks are happily received by the children and teachers.  The positive effect of these books has been seen on the learning process of children.  This whole process of preparing new textbooks has been successful.

A similar intensive process should be followed if new textbooks are to be prepared even in the upper standards.  Teacher revision is essential to enable teachers to understand new concepts of conceptual teaching and teaching methods, and the need for new revision methods increases if we take textbooks to higher standards.  Sun.  J.  Matthai Center for Educational Innovation Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad-380015.  2949 Ron 18.

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