50 percent vehicles are running without insurance in India, IRDAI revealed

50 percent vehicles are running without insurance in India, IRDAI revealed 

lately the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India( IRDAI) has revealed that 50 of the vehicles in the country are running without insurance. This is a direct suggestion ofnon-availability of acceptable insurance cover for motorcars in India. lately the 18th Insurance Summit was organized in which IRDAI requested the insurance scholars to work on innovative ways with the help of technology to cover 83 protection gap for the country. 


According to IRDAI, the periodic compounded growth rate( CAGR) in the machine sector has been growing at the rate of 11 per cent for the last 5 times. But to ensure every person in the country, they’ve to be told about its fiscal and social security significance. 


The nonsupervisory body is presently working on Bima Sugam, which is nominated as a ‘ one- stop shop for insurance ’. It’ll be approved by the controller and will serve as a common platform for all insurance products vended in the Indian request. This will enable druggies to buy insurance programs digitally, without fussing about the security of the contract. 

In addition, the platform will also give fresh functionality to switch insurance providers or harborage programs from each other. further information about this is likely to come out in the future. 

The statistics of road accidents in India are shocking. In the time 2021, a aggregate of4.22 cases of road accidents were registered in the country.1.73 lakh people failed in these accidents. The loftiest number of deaths in road accidents were reported from Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. While,711 people failed in road accidents in Uttar Pradesh, the number was,685 in Tamil Nadu. 

In the rearmost report of the National Crime Records Bureau, overspeeding, catching and driving on the wrong side have been cited as the main reasons for road accidents. According to the report, the maximum number of people in the age group of 18- 45 who failed in these road accidents. 


The report also said that the loftiest number of vehicle orders involved in road accidents were two- wheelers and four- wheelers. While the number of vehicles like exchanges and lorries is the least among them. There has been an increase of18.8 percent in road accidents in the time 2021 as compared to the time 2020. 

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